Mending The Armor is a treatment program designed for LDS teens and young adults who are striving to conquer pornography addiction.  Pornography addiction often first manifests during the adolescent years and in many cases, requires professional counseling services to break the addiction.

Healing and Recovery for Return to the Battle

"Put on the whole armour of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."

 Ephesians 6:11

Life changing therapy for LDS teens addicted to porn

The Battle

In the fierce battle for the souls of man, even some of God’s most valiant and noble warriors fall wounded. Being noble and valiant, these warriors don’t lie helpless on the battlefield; but instead, examine their armor to identify their unprotected place and add the missing part. Too often, LDS youth are fighting the battle with willpower alone. Mending The Armor provides the psychological treatment to develop the tools to achieve a recovery, eliminating the reliance on simply willpower alone.  Mending the Armor is a treatment program uniquely designed for LDS youth and is available in numerous counseling offices around the country.  


The Recovery

These wounded, but noble warriors experience tremendous shame which can prevent them from seeking help. Mending The Armor provides a refuge in

which disclosure can occur so that healing can begin. Many of these warriors suffer emotional and psychological wounds that require professional intervention. Mending The Armor is a program designed for God’s valiant and noble warriors to obtain healing and recovery for return to the Battle.   Whether you have repeatedly tried and failed to beat the addiction or are a young person making progress, but seeking additional support, Mending The Armor can help!


Help for LDS Youth

Due to the addictive nature and increased potency of today's pornography along with the cunning of the adversary, many LDS youth are wounded in the battle, despite having received guidance about its dangers. Mending the Armor is designed for LDS youth and young adults who have an interest in living a morally clean life, but are struggling with an addiction to pornography and its accompanying behaviors.  The program is not intended to replace the LDS Addiction Recovery Program, but rather to prepare youth and young adults to more fully benefit from recovery meetings.  


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