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Idaho Falls, Idaho


Nedra Toponce, LMFT-Couples Counseling Center




144 Brookside Drive, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404

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Marriage Counseling

Nedra Toponce, LMFT

 Strengthening marriage by changing negative feelings, learning about conflictual patterns and how to resolve them, changing poor relational habits and beliefs, understanding the innate roles of men and women and how these roles positively impact intimacy, learning the differences between men and women and how to form an intimate relationship, learning to read each other in order to meet each others needs and communicating assertively.

Family Counseling

Strengthening the family by creating traditions and rituals, working through negative feelings, learning to parent effectively together, working through challenges in extended family relationships, 

changing faulty interaction patterns.

Post-Divorce Counseling
Working with divorced partners, individual, and/or the family to make the transition and change in life more smoothly.  Working through anger and sadness related to the breakdown of the marriage. Helping divorced parents work together to parent their children.

Mental Health Issues
Assisting family members in supporting another family member who may be experiencing Depression, 
Anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, Work Related Issues, Anger, Rape, Grief.

Pre-Marital Counseling
 Understanding conflict, learning communicate skills, assessing strengths and weaknesses in each other and the relationship, setting standards and expectations about what marriage is.

Pornography Addiction
Understanding and supporting a spouse or family member who would like to overcome a pornography addiction.